Food Festival and Bake Sale


Friday, November 10, 10am-8pm

Saturday, November 11, 10am-7pm

St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
150th & North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73134



Ruzz and Yahknee

We saute’ Vermicelli pasta to a golden brown in rendered butter. We add rice and special seasonings. We top the rice, “Ruzz”, with “Yahknee”, a tomato based sauce with a mixture of sirloin tossed with green beans and onions.



Famous hot buttered bread. An old Middle Eastern recipe handed down from generation to generation from the first settlers to this country who founded St. Elijah in 1920. It is a combination of flour, water and yeast with just the right amount of love and baked perfection.



Hot bread topped with lean ground beef! To our famous Talami, we add mounds of lean ground beef spiced with special seasonings, onions, tomatoes, and green bell peppers.


cheese talami

Our famous Talami bread baked and topped with a variety of mixed special cheeses.


Cabbage Rolls

Lean ground beef and rice with special spices are rolled into cabbage leaves then cooked in lemon juice.


Hummus & Pita Bread

Homemade Dip made of ground garbanzo beans, sesame seed sauce (Tahini), garlic, lemon juice, and spices served with pita bread.



Fresh chopped parsley, green onions, tomatoes and fresh mint that is mixed with cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil.


kafta sandwich

Special spices and parsley are mixed with extra lean ground beef and onions. We form that into patties then impeccably grilled. Served in pita bread and topped with Salata.


Chicken Tawook Sandwich

Large chicken breasts marinated with special Middle Eastern spices and then grilled with precision. Served in pita bread and topped with Salata.



Fresh garlic mixed with salt, soaked in lemon juice and olive oil, drenched over shredded lettuce and tomatoes and tossed with fresh ground mint.


Salata w/chicken or kafta

Salata served with our Middle Eastern grilled Chicken Tawook or Beef Kafta patty.


Sampler Plate

Enjoy a plate that includes fresh Ruzz and Yahknee, Cabbage Rolls, Hummus with Pita and Salata.


Baked Kibba Square

We grind fresh London Broil Sirloin with fine ground wheat, onions and spices, (meat/wheat mixture)
One layer of this mixture goes on the bottom of a pan. We add a mixture of ground beef with special spices and chopped onions then top with another layer of our meat/wheat mixture, then bake. A favorite in our community!



Layers of Filo Dough rolled around with pecans and topped with a delicate flavored syrup.


baklawa sundae

Large square piece of Baklawa with Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, topped with chocolate or caramel syrup and Baklawa crumbles.



St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
15000 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Hours of Operation

Friday, November 4, 2022

Saturday, November 5, 2022

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