The 31 members of St. Elijah Ladies Aid meet “as called” striving to fulfill their mission statement of “…fostering genuine expressions of love and services through works of charity”. The faithful of Ladies Aid have been serving St. Elijah, the region and the Archdiocese since the beginning of our Parish in Oklahoma City.

Our Ladies Aid serves the church in many ways including donations in partnership with the Antiochian Women of St. Elijah and from the cookbook fund, providing monthly vigil candles, service books, icons and orthodox prayer books for newly chrismated members, hosting several luncheons each year, preparation of Kaack-Bi-Haleeb (Easter Breads) for after Pascha (Easter) Service and assisting in assembling school kits for International Orthodox Christian Charities. And of course, they prepare and serve St. Elijah’s Annual Lenten Fish Dinner and help in the annual St. Elijah Food Fest.

Ladies Aid continues their tireless service to the church and they would welcome new members. Meeting announcements appear in the church bulletin.